Amelie Mauresmo. Sigh....?

She's not on my team. That's a shame.


Why do most pros don't have dampers on there rackets. an if they do there rubber bands,why?

She's on mine though. :)

What exactly is a Midplus tennis raquet?

but she definitely won her second grand slam title in wimbledon yesterday. cool. will the french soccer team win their second title world cup to`? for sure

Can anyone advise on building a Clay Tennis court??

You mean on your World Cup team??
Or did you mean, you supported Justine Henin-Hardene??
In that case, same here. I wanted Henin-Hardene to win, but Mauresmo played well.

Do you watch Australian Open?And DO YOU LIKE SHARAPOVA?

She sould be on the mens team! HeHe!

Where do you find how good your high school tennis team is.?

She is the best Woman's tennis player. Why would she be on your team?

Why are Russian women doing better than the men?

ha lol. people don't know shes a lesbian

Can you restring a prestrung racuet?

You fancy her?She`s not only gay she looks like a fella - but one hell of a tennis-player.
People don`t know she`s a Lesbian?Where have they been for the last few years?She came out in the press years ago.

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