Anybody thinks Rafael Nadal is hottttttt or is it just me?

I totally admire him as a tennis player- for his antics on the court and his ability to beat Roger Federer with true class but I also think he like has the best butt around, man.


I'm gonna buy the midsize Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 right now/today, should I?

I love Nadal!

Who saw Hantuchova's win ? Isn't she gorgeous & a great player ?

It's just you!

How to return a very fast serve?

Besides Nadal is a tough player and handsome, but I do not like one thing, his outfit I hate his pants or shorts or whatever he wear to play.

Do you think that Roger Federer is the best tennis player ever?

he reminds me of mowgli from the jungle book

Does anyone know how to train to be a good tennis player e.g Diet,exercise?

cant stand him

Who will win?ANDY GARCIA or NADAL?

o man, nadal is VERY foxy


Jennifer Capriati - Any Update??

He's No 2 and best lefty He MIGHT beat Roger.

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