A tennis question?

So next year in high school iam taking tennis as my second sport. I have never played tennis b4 except for fun. Iam very athletic so i think i can handle it. But does anyone have any tips, or pointers that they find very helpful? Any tips are greatly apriciated!!!


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tennis is so much fun and its not really that hard either! the scoring might confuse you at first but you will definitely get the hang of it! it goes 15, 30, 40 not 1, 2, 3; your coach will explain it to you. its also good if you have good hand eye coordination. hope you have fun!

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make sure you have the right shoes. basketball and running shoes will kill your feet. buy shoes that are just for tennis. I think diadora are the best.

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gurl! i love tennis and i hope you will too. Tennis takes practice but it is not hard. just make sure you have good hand eye coordination, hold the racquet tightly hit the ball and follow through like you're wiping a table ending with the racquet over your shoulder. i hope ya make it n hav fun u'll lov it !!!!

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The Wall

Practice against the Wall

Everone wants to rush into a Game cause its fun

But Many More Balls are hit in less time
Practicing your strokes against the wall

If You Can Get A Basic tennis video
Watch it & Go practice what you learned against the wall
Then watch it again & see what you p/u
& What You Didn't , then Perfect it against the wall Again

Sure Have Fun & Grab a Court at the end of the Practice session & Practice what you've learned & Gotten more cordinated at in the real setting

But Take two Days at least nothing but Forearm
Then two Days , backhand

Then 2 Days serve

Couple days Volleys, (May need partner & Court for that)

But Go Back Constantly & Repeat perfecting against the wall
Learn Good Form & Practice Good for right away
Before ya Develop Bad habits that are Hard To Break

Remember Me when You When Your 1st
Big Money Tourney , Wimbleton, Austrailian Open ,The Us Open , Or The French Open

My Names Dane ;-)

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be medatative and clear of mind, and relaxed. you will play much better!

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Take lessons - being good at tennis is way harder than it looks...it really is a skill.
Get TENNIS shoes.
Make sure you have as much experience on the court with a good racquet before next season.

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