A major comeback?

what do they mean , by when a musiciasian makes a major comeback on the charts after some personal problems


Please help me with this?

This means that the musician was doing well and was having their songs listened to and on the charts. It means their songs are popular. When personal problems occur, their songs may be less listened to, therfore making their songs less popular and off the charts. They may not do well because of the problems. When they make a major comeback, it means that their songs are once again popular and in one of the top spots. "Charts" mean the most popular songs of that week.

Iam 15 and i want to learn tennis.with in how many years can i become a professional player?

what this has to do with tennis ?

Why does Rafael Nadal bite his trophies after winning a tournament?

this doesnt have anything to do with tennis. anyways...mariah carey's emancipation of mimi was a MAJOR COMEBACK in the music industry. thats what a comeback is.

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