Anyone for a game of tennis?


How you guys feel about Roger Federer winning the French Open and the affect this has??

New balls please ! :-0

RACQUET help!!?

To be honest, I'd rather we played badminton - is that okay?

Why are there scratches?

No thank you. It's 11.20pm and Iv'e been working in the garden all day, sorry I am kn****ed

Does rackets really affect your play?

in the mron mayb

Do you think Lleyton Hewitt will be able to win another Grand Slam?

not really, it's like 105 F out there.

What female tennis player won French Open in 1999?

Yeah definitely, this place was buzzing when Wimbledon was on but now the tennis section has fizzled out! Come on mate i'll take ya on!

How many Tennis Matches has Roger Federer won so far in his career?

depend on where u from and ur rating?

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