Any infomation on tennis?


Any opinions on Van Dyke Farms Tennis Center in Odessa, FL?

I like play tennis

Shouldn't Women tennis stars such as Maria Sharapova at least say who they may be dating?Public make her $$$$

tennis is good exercise

Who is the greatest player in the history of women's tennis?

Your question is very general. Just a few information:

1. Know the game, watch tennis matches on TV or if you have the Tennis channel you can get a lot of information from there.

2. It is harder than it looks, you will be disappointed when you go on your first few tries, the balls will be flying all over or you won't even be able to hit it. If there is a local camp or you know someone who is an advance player, it is better to start right and be coached.

Do not give up easily and practice a lot of times, the walls are very patient hitting partners.

3. Tennis is hard excercise, lot's of quick moves and sprints, be sure you are healthy when you go into tennis.

Just a few thoughts, enjoy your game.


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