Can we start to play tennis and win champions on age 12?


Nadal can become tennis greatest ever,can't he?

Work hard, and anything is possible. I'll see you at Wimbledon, right??

Who is the most exciting tennis player to watch?

Depends on various factors like skill level, mental toughness, a good motivating coach would be a real boon...If you think you have all this in you, then you are all set to go!

Can any1 plz tell me a website for getting free tennis videos, tennis matches videos.?

Sure, I'm trying to remember his name, but there was a guy a few years ago who made it in the top 20, I think, in the world for a while and he didn't actually start playing tennis until he was in college (he played soccer before that mostly).

If a tennis ball hits the opponets shoes during a match is that considered a fault?

its very well possible but you have to work at it
an example of someone who started late and now is top rated in the world is Nadal
he didnt start playing tennis until he was 11

Maria Sharapova is beautiful tennis players?

of course
i started at nearly and ive been accepted into a top tennis academy with a scholarship. u just need to work real hard

Want to know about latest medicines for diabetics?

Of course you can. you just need to stick with your tennis game and actually play. You need to be mentally tough and you need to gain strength. But it is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!

When are the austrailian open finals?

YES, but remenber practice.

To italian people, what does the word batuta mean?

Yeah right.
I have never seen anyone at age 12 to become pro to begin with.

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