[only NadaL lovers to answer] pls tell me bout nadal's personal life?


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Full name is Rafael Nadal Parera... Nicknamed ôRafa… by his countrymen... Father, Sebastian, manages his own restaurant and glass and windows business; mother, Ana Maria, is a housewife; has one younger sister Maria Isabel... Plays left-handed but writes right-handed... Began playing tennis at age four with his uncle Toni, who is his long-time coach... Played his only junior Grand Slam event at Wimbledon in 2002 and reached SF... Comes from same area (Mallorca) as countryman Carlos Moya... The city of Manacor is second-biggest on island of Mallorca... His other uncle, Miguel Angel Nadal, is a former professional soccer player with stints at FC Barcelona, Real Mallorca and Spanish national team, which competed in 2002 World Cup... Also played on two other World Cup teams in 1994 and ’98... Big fan of Formula One driver and countryman Fernando Alonso, who won 2005 circuit championship... Earned ATP Newcomer of Year in 2003... Reached Spanish Championships in July 2003 (l. to Lopez)... Has a 6-5 career Davis Cup record (5-1 in singles) in six ties and member of winning team in 2004... Coached by his uncle Toni Nadal.
Nadal's nickname is "The King of Clay."
Nadal has "Vamos Rafa" ("Go Rafa") written on his shoes, a common exhortation by his fans.
It is a proven fact that Rafael has a girlfriend and that her name is "Xisca" Perello
you can ask him whatever you want: askrafa@rafaelnadal.com

Full Name: Rafael Nadal Parera
Nickname: Rafa
Nationality: Spanish (Mallorca)
Date of Birth: June 03, 1986 (20 years old)
Recides: Manacor, Mallorca, Spain
Height: 1'85m/ 6'1"
Weight: 85kg/188lbs
Plays: Left-handed (two-handed backhand)
Clothing line: Nike
Racquet: Babolat AeroproDrive
Coach: Toni Nadal
Family: Sebastian, Ana Maria and younger sister Maria Isabel.
Became profesional: 2001
Favourite Movie: Titanic, The Gladiator
Favorite Food: Sea food and pasta
Favourtie past time: Playing PSP, soccer and golf, fishing, and going out with his friends in Mallorca.

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From ur small profile,i think u wan2 stalk him...and that doesn't make u a Rafa lover shitcess...errmmm,u aint a princess.

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hm...his my boyfriend...when is not federer at home:))))))) =))=)0=))

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Rafa enjoys long walks on the beach, sunrises, puppies, sharing secrets, and pillow fights. His favorite movies include "Gone with the Wind", "Titanic", and "High School Musical". Last month when his mp3 player got misplaced, a fan found that he listens exclusively to Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Nsync. He has emphatically repeated in the past that his number one goal in life is to fall in love.

He was born into a simple home with God-fearing parents and a strong Spanish work ethic. Numerous obstacles did not prevent the indefatigable youth from conquering all. He first realized he was teen-girl-deity after winning the California Dream-Boat Tournament in straight sets.

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no idea

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