[tennis players] Which tennis racket should I demo and why?

Question:I play with a wilson H4 (i know its old. but thats what i play with) and I am planning to demo rackets. what racket do you think I should demo and why do think thats a good pick?

...if you wanted to know I am a baseliner.


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If you are a hard hitter and generate your own power, I would definitely suggest the head prestige series. Either the liquidmetal or flexpoint version is fine. It is a great racket and despite its tight string pattern, has an incredible amount of spin. However, I notice if I am not mistaken, the wilson H4 should be a power frame and the head LM and FP prestige are control rackets so if the H4 suits you, then the head rackets might not work out for you. Whatever the case you should at least give it a try. They do take some time to get adjusted to because of their low level of power. After that it's a wonderful racket.

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a good way to demo is to go to www.tenniswarehouse.com
you can demo 4 racquets and all you have to do is pay for shipping, which is like $10 or so. try a new wilson n code or maybe the new prince o3 or a babolat.

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yeah, demos are the way to go. also, if you shop at a "real" tennis shop - and no offense to sports authority, etc. because they usually have some good deals - you can sometimes just purchase a slightly used demo.

i like older model dunlops...good feel, not to "trampoline-y". 200g or any of the revelation racquets.

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I would definetely recommend an Ncode Six-one 95 but if you're looking for something cheaper try going for the Babolat Pure Drive.

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Dunlop 400. It is half Control half power. It is pretty good.

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I would stick with a Wilson. Go to a club rent a ball machine and demo several Ncodes. The Npro feels great at the baseline, and its not that bad at the net. Make sure you demo many racquets before your selection.

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Be open-minded, have no preconceived notions, and demo as many racquets as you have time. There's no tellin' what you'll learn!

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I definitely recommend the PRINCE NXG GRAPHITE FRAME. Its confortable, lots of power & control...just great. ITs also inexpensive! Well, it looks like NCODE wilson rackets are popular right now so you may want to demo that too

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I think you should demo Wilson nCode because it's is light and powerful.
Or Babolat but demo the lightest racket because Babolat rackets are very heavy. and it is very powerful too.
Prince is not very good. unless you demo the prince 03.
But you should try Wilson and Babolat. They are the best. And you can also demo Dunlop or Yonex if you like but they are not as good as Wilson and Babolat.

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