Amused or disgusted by the Wimbledon STREAKER yesterday?

I thought it was hilarious, we need more of that so smug people dont take this real-life atari pong game so seriously.


Who do you think is the ultimate tennis hero of all time?

I was amused since they blurred out the private parts, otherwise, i may be disgusted

Can u help me pick a racquet?


What brazilian tennis star do fans cheer for en masse by screaming gu-ga,gu-ga?

I would rather have seen Sharapova take off her clothes and run around the field, instead of some guy who craves attention

Fittest female tennis star?

more of a 'wondered' why there're still people like this

Help me please in identifying these pics?

It is no big deal. Streaking has been around since the 1970's. You don't see people doing it on something televised much, but all those years ago, it was all over. Even the Oscars got streaked. Any sports things on TV were streaked. Ever heard Ray Stevens' song "The Streaker". It came out because of all the streaking going on all those years ago.

I have the Ncode Nrage TENNIS racquet, but i cant find on Wilson website?

looking for originality not copy and paste stuff. can we get some hard sex going at center court?

How do I hit a between-the-legs shot?

Disgusted that is so childish. I mean really what did it accomplish.

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