Any tips for a one-handed backhand?

Question:1.I'd like to know how to get more power into the shot.
2.Tips on how to direct the shot better
3.How to hit a lob (difficult for me for some reason)
4.How to make the pain on my right arm STOP
5.How to improve my backhand return of serve
6.How to hit on the rise


How do you find the weight of a tennis racquet?

1. Step into the ball. Make sure youre not leaning back or just getting all the power from you arms. USE YOUR BODY!

2. Make sure your body is turned to where you want to hit the ball.

3. Practice, this involves a lot of touch and the only way to get that is practice. Take the same swing just aim higher and put more sping on it. That should help.

4. Take an advil before you play a match. Ice it afterwards. If you arm is getting sore though you could be using the one handed back hand wrong. Might want to take some time off to let it heal.

5. Don't take a full swing. Just block the ball back in play. The serve will generate most of the power for you, just block it. Also you can slice it.

6. It is very important that you move your feet a lot and get into proper position. Also you must keep your eye on the ball. Keep your eye onto the ball all the way until after you make contact.

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Find a USPTR or USTA certified professional and take some lessons. It's tough to explain in writing (at least to where you can put it to practical use).

1 or 2 Handed backhand?

1.i think the spot u hit which would bring out hugest power compared to the other spots on the racket(forces applied are equal on both accounts) is somewhere upper than the middle part of the racket..
2.aim better
3.i dunno how to explain this,put it this way spin the ball while hitting it lob
4.what makes it painful??
5.keeps ur eyes glued to the ball stand steadily be ready to move any second bend ur knees abit and hah!!i do this and it works almost everytime..

I was thinking about playing tennis, and i was wondering if you have to let the ball bounce once b4 u hit it??

I can tell you what worked for me.. Timing is the most important consideration when switching to, or working on a one-handed backhand. I started taking the ball low and putting a *-load of spin on it... (just like I hit my forehand).. I kept practicing that until I got more consistent.. then I started adding more pace and now I can hit it from anywhere on the court, with a lot of spin or a more flat and even hit on the rise now. you will know when you find your rhythm. Mine is going after the backhand just as I go after my forehand (or mirroring my forehand) Just go out there and try different things until you find what works for you... that's what I did. And the new backhand is throwing off a lot of my opponents (my backhand once was the weaker shot).

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1/ Consistent power is created primarily with trunk rotation. Weight transfer to the foot closest to the net is necessary to allow this rotation, but is not in itself a significant source of power as it neither capable of moving the racquet very far or very fast.

2/ Directing the ball requires practice at specifically aiming it to various locations on the court. The arm must be straight and the wrist firm. If the arm shape/wrist position are different with every swing it is going to be difficult to develop the timing necessary to direct the ball better.

Next, the contact point, where ball meets racquet must be consistant and at that point the racquet face needs to be aligned with the target.

3/Skew the right shoulder (assuming a right-handed player) more downard angle enough to get the ball to peak directly over the opposite service line. Peak height about twice the height of a friend standing on the opposite service line with their racquet extended over their head.

4/Tennis elbow is hard to cure. The problem is that little blood circulation reaches the area (epicondil) injured. Thus recovery is extended.

5/Practice. Serves bounce in a different way than a ball hit at you with a ground stroke or volley. Few people ever have a practice partner hit serves at them so that they specifically practice returning.

6/ A well executed tennis stroke can handle all types of spins and bounces without any technical differences.

When practicing and playing, plant yourself nearer the baseline, or at a point where the ball is still on the rise when you must hit. Once you see enough of them to understand the bounce trajectory and become used to the somewhat shorter preparation time, you will be able to do it.

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wheew! Okay... I play internationally, and I hit a good one handed back hand :)
1. more power... Make sure you are relaxed and loose, its hard to create power when your body and arm are super tight!
2. Practice with the ball machine, or have someone feed you the ball and have targets to hit to. do this very often until you can hit your target without even thinking about it! (yes, that will take some time :) )
3. Lobs, It will defintely have to be a topspin lob... or you can slice it over their heads. Just focus on keeping your body foreward, most people try to lean back with their body to get the ball higher, when its really all in their hands...
4. Pain in your arm can most likely be from the wrong mechanics, tell your coach, or a coach about your pains and ask him to observe your backhand and see if he can find any mechanical mistakes.
5. The return is known to be the toughest shot for a one hander...make sure to keep your back swing short. Step back and give your self some more room.
6. That's most likely all timing. The only thing I can say to you is practice practice practice!

I don't know what level you are on, but these should be able to help you no matter what level you are on.
Best of luck,

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