Any tips/tactics for doubles tennis?

i'm an average club player, faily slow but accurate serve, good fairly strong forhand, my backhand needs work but its not terrible. i'm not bad at the net.


I'm looking for a overnight tennis camp ,that has a reasonable price in Missouri,illinois, or tennessee?

I love doubles. Always try going down the middle. When they are watching the middle then go straight down the doubles line and make a winner. You either both need to play back or both play the net. That way you look more professional.

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ive got a tip play a better sport.

Can sania mirza win a grand slam(usopen,french,aus,wimbledon)in her career?


Focus on your week points!

Who loves roger federer?

Use a professional as a partner

Why doesn't the University of Tampa have a mens tennis team.?

attack the net, the team that controls the net controls the match. It's not rocket science but to be a good doubles player you must be a good serve and volleyer, which doesn't exist these days in tennis.

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yeh hit the f.u.c.k.i.n.g ball.

My 10 y/o son is using the extreme grip. how efficient is it in tennis?

Communicate well with your partner, that is the most important aspect of doubles tennis. The rest will fall into place as you practise together.

In doubles you are part of a "team", not an individual.

How do i prepare for High School tennis team?

Practice with your partner. work with your partner as a teamwork. Never take the ball to yourself.

Jump serve? is it illegal to jump really high in tennis?

When you are the net person, or move into the net you want to be thinking "I want the ball". There is no such thing as being a ball hog . In doubles you want to cross and V off to take as many balls as you can when you are up at net.

How does "tennis challenge" work??

take steroids and bribe the linesperson.

next thing you know you're cruising through 6-0

How do i play tennis?

Have you thought of tactics, such as the defencive one (me and my friend won a set against people we were destint to lose to...and we did) where the recieve stays where they should but their partner goes just infront of the baseline...then the offensive one where they stand closer to the net than normal but they can move across to try and get the forehands going across..ive got two double tournaments coming up so id like to know what worked for you!

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