Acura Classic Ticket Needed!?

I am trying to buy a ticket for my friend (I have to do this becasue he has no computer) and I need to buy an Acura Classic ticket for August 3rd for the day session. It would be prefered a courtside box seat as that is where I am seated, but I will look at any other offers. My friend will pay up to $100 for a ticket. Please reply on here if you or anyone you know has a ticket for sale. And please dont tell me to get a ticket from a broker online. I am well aware that I can do that but they only sell tickets in pairs and I dont really want to have to buy 2 tickets. I have been looking for a very long time for a ticket so please reply to this question if you or anyone you know has a ticket. Thank You~


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I think U should visit YOU MAY FIND SOME TICKETS .

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so wat can i do .........
btr luck next time

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