Amelie Mauresmo?

Doesnt Amelie Mauresmo look like a dude. Tell me what u think.


Who's a better tennis player/hotter: Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova?

She really looks like a man. However, I am not very shocked for her look because some of the lesbian are really have a muscular look.

If Wimbledon is conducted separately for men and women, will women's tennis still attract as much audience.

I was going to write this question!


She should be tested for steroids,checked to see if she/he has a penis (it has been known to happen in womens golf) and stop her grunting and manly cheering (makes her look more like a man).

She reminds me of that scary movie ,want to bang her harddddd with a paper bag over her head

Which tennis stringing machine is best to buy?

yes, most female french athletes start lookin like dudes after they hit 25. one of the reasons why mauresmo's a lesbian, no guys would fall 4 her.

What do you think about the new roger federer's racquet? its the Wilson KFactor KSix-One Tour?

Kind of, but I don't think she's a guy.

She's just muscular and extremely fit for a female, almost like women body builders, who are even more freakier!!

In tennis and shuttle we use the word Love. What does it mean? Which language?

To be completely honest I could care less whether she is straight or lesbian. Many lesbians look like women.
Amelie Mauresmo DOES NOT look like a woman in any sense of the word. Her face LITERALLY looks like a mans. I certainly dont mean to be cruel but that is just what I see. To be honest though many female bodybuilders also have faces that look male in description but Amelies face is the most male looking face I have seen.

In a few months I'm thinking of buying one of these 3 raquets, which one should I get?

omg i hate to say this but yeah she does. i have never even watched tennis b4. cuz i don't really like too... i just play... i looked her up on the yahoo images and i think the reason she looks like a guy is because she is built big (larger bones) and she doesn't look like she wears any makeup... but that's OK shes her own person. ; )

My friend beat me in Tennis! Now I'm angry!?

Wow, that's a lot of tennis knowlege I learned on this q&a.

Thanks, everyone.

Hey, if you're going to comment on the obvious, either be factual or the slightest bit clever.

Is Equal Prize money a good idea in Tennis?

her chromosomes must have gotten mixed up or something she looks like such a dude!

I'm looking for a tennis coach from the Lancaster, PA area. Do you know of any names?

looks like one?...homie, she is one

Which is your sentimental favorite female tennis player?

may be...
but she is not

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