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First off, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to answer my questions about hitting the forehand and the backhand in tennis. I have seen much improvement in my strokes during tennis practice for the team at my school. However, I have one more question. How do I generate power with my ground-strokes? I would think hitting the ball harder would generate more power, but my tennis coach says I need to put more backspin on my stroke. Do you guys have any tips or drill ideas for me?


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Step into the shot, getting your weight into it, and increase racquet head speed. Not necessarily swinging harder, but focus more on moving the racquet quicker. Having your momentum going forward is huge, its hard to hit big while moving backwards.

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ur grip on the racquet n correct stance itself gets the swing better...u tend to put unnecessary force to the swing when u aint holdin the racquet properly....the sweep of the hand shud b from ur bk,low to shoulder level n with gud ease n reflux..

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Keep your eye on the ball. Snap your wrist just before the moment of contact to generate extra speed. This will translate into extra power.

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First of all,the grip,for forehand,I use semi western,I like spin,though Eastern is fine too,Western,maybe a bit too tricky.For the backhand,two handed that is,your dominant hand must be Continental,while your other hand must be EasternThen you've gotta find your power point,the place where where you naturally hit the ball,do a few strokes and find out.Then move on to your stance.For a killer blow,the open stance and the closed stance(with your lead foot stepping toward the ball a little bit) are the most easiest.
Once you know where the ball is going,and assume the right position and take your racquet head back.With your non-dominant hand helping your body to rotate,transfer your weight forward as you initiate your swing,remember,keep your eyes on the ball.Then,.SWING IT,LOL,as you swing,make your racquet a little bit lower than the ball so you can whip up for topspin,creating depth and pop.Your follow through has to be long and flowing,to create optimum power.Whew! Hope that helped

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To be able to hit it harder you need to add topspin which is complicated to learn.

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I hope he is not telling you to slice, chip or put backspin on the ball to improve your pace. adding power is just a matter of learning to brush up and control your raquet head while you are doing it. Adding topspin is the key to pace. That should be your goal, to learn to brush up on all you shots. Only slice if it is a very high backhand or you are approaching the net and want to keep the ball low so he has to hit up on it. If your coach is telling you to put backspin on your shots he is driving the empty bus and should be ignored , be polite , but he is clueless.

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well first of all, you will never generate the power u want by applying backspin!
want you want is topspin, which you can generate by swinging from low to high.
topspin enables you to hit hard while the ball still lands in the court.
the more topspin you apply the more chances the ball will have to land in the court.
the best example is nadal, he applies so much topspin on his forehand that the ball always lands in the court eventhough he strikes the ball will incredible power and racquet speed

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well, what i have done is first position your racket in the hand you hit with... and throw the ball in the air and keep backspinning the ball back into the air... help you to get the feel of it...

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Top spin, top spin, and more top spin. If you lean into your swing, and kind of snap your forearm in a slamming-the-door motion while hitting harder, this will improve your power, but you need to have the correct grip or the ball will fly over the fence. Make sure you have enough top spin to compensate for the power, you still want to be able to control where you hit it.

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i think your coach meant topspin. well, go to a tennis club or something hit some ball form a machine. try to hit under the ball.

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