Anyone else annoyed by Sharapova's grunts/moans?

She plays a great game but its so difficult watching her games. Everytime its her turn to wack the ball I gotta close my ears lol.


Can someone explain the ATP ranking system?

you have no idea how annoying they are to me. i hate to see her play because every time she hits a ball she has to scream at the top of her lungs. if you ask me she should have to for fit the match because she is so loud. one time when i was watching her play a ambulance was going by and when she grunted (screamed) you couldn't hear the ambulance any more. she is so annoying. i think that even the people in the audience get headaches some times from listening to that.

Ana corinicova?

I am as well. Gabriella Sabatini had the same deal, so much grunting. It was horrible...MUTE!

Do any tour tennis players have college degrees?

it turns me on

Which is your least favourite tennis player and why?

a tall sexy blonde grunting and moaning gee whiz thats horrible!(not)

Nalbandian or Hewitt?

ya she does seem a little over the top with the whole moaning thing.

What should i pay attention to when buying a tennis racket? What makes a tennis raket good?

I know! It's such a distraction!

Who has the most impressive tennis resume: Roger Federer, Rod Laver, or someone else?

Well, u dont sound too annoyed esp. with that 'lol' at the end. u sound rather amused. Anyways, i think that a natural trade of hers and a way to distract opponents as well.

When was the last time John McCenroe won the US Open?

Yeah, what is with female tennis players and all the Hi-Yahs! and Arguh! when they hit the ball? They should automatically lose the point if people in the 50th row can hear them grunt.

Hate that.

Y did maria (no 1)lost the game?

yeah. miss scream queen's scream even has more decibels than a jackhammer! I can go deaf if i ever watched her games STRAIGHT. What's with her grunts anyway?!

Tennis Rackets un-normal sound?

it gives me an erection..

Which is the best make of tennis racket?

no its so hot!!!!!

Did James Blake compete today?

click the mute button

Is Alicia Molik, Fransesca Schiavone and Svetlana Kuznetsova lesbians?

I can tolerate it because I think she's hot

Picture of Wimbledon winner 1946 Yvon Petra?

They are attempts to distract the opponent. They should be banned, or regulated as to the volume level.

Information about table tennis,like top player.?

it gives me an impression that a PIG is gonna be killed! and reminds me of the film BABE IN THE BIG CITY.

Could somebody please tell me how much it would cost for a ticket to wimbledon and stay over for two nights?

LOL. i think she does it so that she distracts her opponent/makes her opponent mad or annoyed. it works for her

How many hours for tennis lession is enough to improve your serve if you are a 3.5 player?

you're just jealous...

and the grunting actually increases power or the intensity of the force of her shots...

What's the tennis ball fuzz made of?

it could be really annoying, thank God she's good and pretty or else nobody would like to see her play ever again.. actually, martina navratilova proposed that grunting on court should be banned because it distracts and affects the game of the other player (opponent).

I want to make tennis as my career,how do i start?

It is very annoying. here is an excerpt from a news about why some tennis stars grunts.

Defending champion Sharapova shattered her own personal record with a grunt of 101.2db - almost as loud as a police siren heard at close-quarters.

Is it possible to watch live pro tennis online anywhere (apart from ATP masters series highlights)?

It is annoying! It is nice to see her play, yet the grunting gets on my nerves. When i saw her play before she didn't groan for 2 points and she won them. If she would stop, I think that she will be more popular.

Would like to play tennis socially jus to keep fit.i live in coventry,wyken.where do i go.please help?

not really...its just how she plays the game...if its gonna distract her opponent then isn't it to her its not like she doesn't have talent...

What is the best source for finding tennis or coaching jobs in Maryland?

yeah it can get annoying. she isn't doing intentionally to annoy the opponent. that's her way of getting to the ball and her way to show she's giving a 100 percent of herself on each ball.

I've been playing a lot of tennis and my wrist is killing me. Please help!?

yeh it is getting annoying

Do You think Pete Sampras was a "Tanker" (quitter)?

I cannot stand her shrieking. Good player though.

Want to know if maria sharapova is cigarette smoker and which brand she smokes?

As long as she keeps playing great tennis she can make all the noises she wants as far as I am concern. I have not seen her live so I don't know how annoying it can be but on TV the commentators are distracting enough.

How much do you usually pay to replace tennis strings?

it would be interesting to see how she performs if her grunting were banned for a match...if it doesnt make a difference in her performance then i would like to thank her for bringing it into play so i can imagine her orgasms as i make imaginary love to her

What is the best oversize tennis racket?

Yes it is in some ways annoying. But that is just a part of her game. A lot of players grunt these days i guess it is just one of those many tennis idiosyncrasies. It has to do with the breathing control. You know, It is just loud breathing. Yes but I do admit she squeals like a pig being killed. But you know what is really annoying Dementieva's moans you should hear it is much worse than Sharapova's.

Does the head size of a tennis racquet affect you gameplay? I use a 115 but i want to buy a 100

cant stand it when she does that
reach for the mute button staright away
other top players dont make that much noise
then again, maria always has to go one better doesnt she

Who was the last male player to win a grand slam other than nadal & federer?

yes, i am annyoed by it but it's ok since she's hot and good at tennis

Is Federer the best ever?

yes, it can be really annoying.
but i love to watch her play so i try not to pay attention to it.

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