About how many people in the world?


Who thinks venus williams played a great match last night?

Population (February 2006): 6,500,013,060 (6500 Million Approx)
GDP (PPP): US$50.4 trillion
GDP (Currency): $36.3 trillion
GDP/capita (PPP): $8,000
GDP/capita (Currency): $5,755

Why is this Frenchman allowed to play in women's tennis?


Why is it that Spain can produce great tennis players like Raphael Nadal and Andy Murray?

6,500,000,000 Six Billion 5 Hundred thousand...give or take a couple

Can someone tell me what toejam is and do you ever get that? and i don't mean sock lint.?

7 billion > x > 6 billion

Is there a site that has a video on how to serve a tennis ball well?

Over six billion

Monica seles..i need help!?

The population of the world is 6,446,131,400.

Do i stick with it or quit?

6,499,973,411 people. about 43 people per km^2

Tennis...is Round Robind over?

waaaay too effin' many!

Who is the father of baby dannilynn?


Who do you think is better Rafel Nadal or Roger Federrer?

more than one

Who will win the women's 2006 Rolland Garros?

the better part of 7 billion and growing....

Which raquet?

One Two skip few 99 ,100 . Add another 100 to it and than another 100. Keep on adding . Reach 1 miiion , add another million . keep on adding - keep on reading and eventually keep on proving u r so dam bored just like me
(A dumb ans for a dumb ques . now, isn't it)

What are the most common way pro tennis players hit when returning the ball?

about how many people in the world.. what?
this is not even a question :p

How can i become a professional tennis player?

there are abt a 1000 ppl if there are more then they were just born if there are less than that some ppl just died!!!

Roddick and his tantrums. who thinks he is a little outrageous?

700 crore

Which US tennis player is the best? Roddick or Blake?

walk to work?

take the bus to school?


Recommend an inexpensive tennis racket for women?

How should we know? more and more people keep on either at their end, or they have just been born.

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