Any instance in women tennis when player left the court due to wardrobe malfunction?


On a tennis game is there a limit times for the player to dispute to get an official review?

I do not think this is the answer you want, but Sharapova had to go back into the hallway at Wimbledon before her second round match, to adjust her skirt , so one of her endorsement patches could be seen easily. I know you were looking for a skirt splitting incident ,but I havn't seen one. I played #1 singles and doubles for 3 years at a big ten College in Evanston ILL. Once I wore boxers and sure enough I bent my knees and my big *** and legs ripped the pieces of dirt. I spent the next two sets at Indiana trying to tuck myself in between points so my johnson wouldnt come flying out as I attacked the net. Tighty whities from that day on. Low sperm count be damned.

I want to move to Las Vegas but only if they have CLAY COURTS?


How many courts are there at Wimbledon, please?

Lots of cameltoe, but I've never seen anyone leave the court because of it.

Is svetlana kuznetsova the sister of alex kuznetsov?

in the history of tennis it is highly unlikely a wardrobe malfunction would even occur especially the way women tennis players dress.

Lol..I just beat my uncle at tennis and he was sweating like a dog..I'm considerd an intermediate at tennis-


Could you see in tennis players similarities with with cartoon caracters, animals or objects ?


Which team will win the 2006 Davis Cup?

There was an instance at Wimbledon about a dozen years where a young lady was wearing a low cut dress,and braless.Everytime she bounced up and down certain parts of her were exposed.She should have excused herself to put on a sweater or something.But she did not and the papparazzi had a field day.I cannot remember her name

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