Am I the only person that thinks Justine Henin is the hottest tennis player out there?


Can anyone find me a tennis match with Sesil Karatantcheva in it please i will give u best answer if it works

You must be. I'm Belgian, even from her region... And I think she looks like a male kid.

Can anyone help me find information about the Hungarian tennis player Gergely Kisgyorgy?

Probably! Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Dementieva is much easier on the eye

Who is the winner of wimlondon last year?

yep u must be.

Who has the nicer butt, Serena or Anna. K?

Maria Sharapova is hotter...

Where can i demo a tennis racquet?

in term of game level Justin Henin is the hottest player around.
No such player in the pro circuit can match her game quality.

Should women's tennis matches be played over the best of five sets?

She is not hot. But, she is a great tennis player.

Why is tennis scored like it is (0, 15, 30, 40, win) ?


Can Serena win the Aussie Open this year?

yeah u are the only soul :)

Which is better in your opinion- Head Flexpoint or Babolat Pure Drive?

she has zerooooo sex appeal. seriously! it's almost like she's trying really hard not to look sexy! cos she's not even ugly..and i could actually see the potential in her but nooo.

but if you mean 'hottest' as in she's-got-game i definitely agree with you but i'm getting kind of bored of her. i wanna see some other girls in grand slam finals!

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  • O.k. this is the second time i posted this question? 1st one just disapeared?

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