A player starts a service game by wins two consecutive points off his own serve, what is the score in the game


Is Federer the best ever?

You can call the score by either of the two following:

A. 30-0 (Thirty-Love)
B. 2-0 (Two-Zero)

NOTE: 2-0 is the proper score to call when using the Simplified Scoring System, invented by the famous US Tennis Hall of Famer (in Newport, RI), Jimmy Van Allen.

Dementieva has an unofficial title.."the best player without a grand slam title".What do you think about that?

30 - 0

Where can i find downloadable matches/videos of Steffi Graf?

Or "30 - love"

How can we change our sponsors in tennis?

30, love.

Who did you want to win in the US Tennis Open, Men's Finals?

30, 0,

My boy friend is not talking to me since 3 days what do i do now?


Which is better, asphalt or concrete tennis court?

30-0 or 30-"Love"

or 2-0 (points scoring system mostly used by rec. level players etc)

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