Anyone watch the french open?

my tennis coach said on monday that this one dude said that american kids can't concentrate long enough on playing and that's why american tennis players suck, so he worked us extra hard that day ( i think he was trying to prove a point) that's actually a pretty true statement but does anyone really know what went down?


This sux .?

At the French Open, Americans tend to lose because they play on clay courts instead of hard courts. Americans are more used to playing on hard courts then on clay, but that's still no excuse. I guess us Americans just aren't as good at tennis like other countries.

Does anyone use or ever played using a Yonex RDS 003?


What should a high school player know about tennis in order to make the tennis team?


Do you think my friend can make it in the high school tryouts for tennis?

Ya some retarded french man (i think) who just beat ronny ginepri wanted to rub it into america. We can concentrate and americans kick @$$ f**k you france

Will Novak Djokovic will be future number one soon ?


Congrats to Jelena??

Think Davis Cup, We shine!

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