Am I wrong by destroying a 'skatepark'?

Question:Some kids in town made a 'makeshift' skatepark with plywood, and a halfpipe... they put it however in the town's tennis court - albiet nobody ever uses the tennis court nor do they want to fix it... but for at least safety and 'a clean cut town' shouldn't they fix the tennis court up and get rid of the skater-middle schoolers?

I do it because the other day there were about 20 middle schoolers - some 13-15 year old girls were half naked - walking down the middle of the road and wouldn't move. I had to go to work...

But anyway I destroyed it by hiding their halfpipe.

So am I bad?


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you can compensate somehow.

after that you need not feel guilty.

Why is andy murray brittish all of a sudden? hes from dunblane aint he?

Not really seeing the way u describe it

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