How do you hit a topspin lob in tennis?


Trouble with accuracy?

Try to position yourself so you can get under the ball. The idea is to create a tight spin on the ball with more up action after the ball leaves your racket. This is usually acheived with a swing pattern that looks more like a winshield wiper on your car, don't stop the racket head after contact. You also need to have some forward directional control but make sure the ball has a high Arch usually at about 12 feet high at its apex (highest point) The Apex of your topspin lob should be pretty close to directly over the net so the ball lands in the back thrid of the court. This shot requires a degree of feel for the ball which is difficult to express in words, so I would suggest having a partner feed you some balls and practice the shot. Be sure to pay close attention to the amount of spin you place on the ball, if your lob is about 12 feet at its highest point, and that your lob is landing in the back third of the court.

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Practically,u cant do 1.But try to hit it like a normal shot but put twist it more

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You hit it about the same strength, just have more loft on it(hit upward) and put more spin on it (more topspin).

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all you have to do is let the ball drop down about waist height or a little bit lower and angle your requect up a little more then swing up instend of forward more and when youbring your raquect up, turn the wrist to your left if your a righty and finish the stroke with the raquect way up in the air

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