Any tips for a great serve?


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Key to a good serve is consistency and accuracy. The main thing to concentrate on is timing, and serving action: should through the ball approximately 1 racket distance in from the baseline and hit it just as its dropping from the highest part of your toss.
Once you have mastered the technique, timing and accuracy, you can build on it by adding power - its important to not try hit it "too hard".
Lastly, another important thing is to develop and effect second serve - one you can depend on. This is normally a slice/topspin serve or a reduced speed/power version of the 1st serve.

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Don't look at the ball! Look where you want the ball to go!

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Try to hit it high and a little in front of the baseline.
Hit a bucket a day and your serve will get tons better!

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try to put spin and don't swing too hard at first so you can get used to it when you are consistent you can add some power

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When u throw the ball throw it on 1 o'clock. Hit the ball when the ball is at the peak.

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Watch the ball! Do NOT watch where you want it to go! Take your arm with the racket in it and swing it back and forth like a pengilum (clock) then place the ball NOT just throw it! Good Luck!

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tip well

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It is easy. Strategy is to let the ball go high enough, tips of your shoes should be "looking" to the spot where you want to serve and from little bend in your knees you should hit the ball as high as you can in front of baseline, and finish the movement all the way to your shoulder... ;) Good luck!

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(this really really helped me) throw the ball this put your back foot next to your front foot then bend your knees and jump and hit

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just practise you technique and keep ur arm loose
thats wat my tennis coach always told me

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The answers to the question are great. While its true that technique does have its place, you should begin to develop a feel for the serve.

Pete Sampras's coach once said that in the world of tennis, there are two types of serves: manufactured serves and natural serves.

Natural serves is when the player has developed the innate instinct to be able to serve the ball consistently. This type of serves is what will allow you to improve/elevate your game, and to persevere under immense pressure during a close match.

If you think too much about your position, grip, placement of racquet, spins, placement, etc all at once, the progress of your serve may eventually suffer.

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