I need help. I want to be on a tennis team but i need help on strokes and serves Help Please?

I need help with almost everything in tennis. My Serves aren't that great and neither are my strokes help!!


What different training is involved in tennis?

1. Depending on how much you can spend, you should:
a. Take private lessons from a knowledgeable pro;
b. Take group lessons from a good pro;
c. Take lessons at a public park or recreation program;
d. Find someone who is a good player to work with you for free. (At almost any popular public courts you'll find players who love to provide assistance, usually for free, to any eager learners. The big drawback is they don't always know what they're doing!)
e. Ask your high school coach to recommend someone to provide lessons. This also lets the coach know you are interested.

2. You really need to have someone to hit with and to play on a regular basis. Try to find another high school player that you can practice with.

3. Supplement your lessons and hitting by getting a good book on tennis and/or by going to some of the Web sites with quality instruction. I've listed a useful book and a couple of Web sites below.

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take a class. I did. It was great experience. Also watch the Williams sisters, they rock!

The S. WILLIAMS, A. MAURESMO match, how was it?

look at rodicks serve

Who is the heaviest female tennis player on the WTA tour?

Lessons are the number one thing you can do but they cost a lot. If you can't do that, still don't worry. I have watched girls JV tennis before and they don't have good form at all. I would focus much more on playing smart. Brad Gilbert wasn't better then the people that he beat, but he beat them because he played smart. Remember in high school tennis, don't worry about hitting 100 winners. Consistency is key. On your strokes, it doesn't sound like you put spin on the ball, so you won't be able to hit the ball as hard as you like. I mean you can, but it will probably hit the fence. One more thing, if you are a freshman or sophmore, that really helps your chances of making the team.

Why is tennis not as popular as golf?

visit www.tennis.com it's got a lot of info might just help you.....

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Go to your local rec center and ask to see if they give lessons and for how much they cost.

Who do you think is the best player on the men's tennis circuit?and the women's circuit?

If your tennis level isn't advancing quickly enough by your own means, then you certainly need to take tennis lessons from a GOOD tennis instructor to make greater strides.

QUESTION: How do you find a GOOD tennis instructor that's worth the financial outlay.

ANSWER: There are 3 things you need to do... Research, Research, Research.

At first, all the information you gain will make you crazy because you'll hear so much conflicting information. Unfortunately, the State-of-the-Art of tennis instruction still isn't very high, and the vast majority of tennis instructors aren't worth their fees.

Stick with it, however, and it'll soon start to make sense. You'll soon have your answer.

Naturally, finding a GOOD tennis instructor takes time. But, don't all good things? Indeed, nothing ventured... nothing gained!

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