Are cats in the same family as monkeys?

because if they where i could like totaly breed them and make a new half cat half monkey thing!!


Does anyone know what time the Aussie Open will be on in U.S eastern standard time?

im sorry to say.. but there not. I have tryed myself to breed them... trust me its not pretty

What happened to mats wilander after u.s open 1988???

No! Cats are felines and monkeys are simians.

Tickets to the Thai Open?

no, they aren't in the same family. And isn't it illegal to breed animals like that?

Do you like Rafael Nadal,Roger Feder,Andy Roddick,or Andre Agassi?

What kind of biology class did you take??

Can a grass court alone produce a perfect tennis player.?

dont do that. cats are very harmful. you try doing something like this, you may be the prey of the cat.

Am I going to get an award at the awards banquet at school tonight? If so, what will it be?

No sorry they aren't. They may both be mammals but cats and monkeys cannot breed. Too bad too cause if you could I would be your first customer.
Monkeys are primates,cats are of the family felidae.
Maybe someone in the future could do a clever lab experiment and splice their genes but that is really the only way you can have your monkat.

(why is this in the tennis section)

How long will ROGER FEDERER era continue ?

you could breed them if you wanted, but no they aren't


How to chang the sex?

Sounds like an intersting mix... but could it play tennis?

Tennis.why does federer start tournaments in a sluggish way? and then ends in a great way?

it's not a tennis related question.isn't it?

What are singles and doubles when you talk about the Grand Slams?

I have 2 cats and they certainly think that I am some kind of monkey but..they have not been THAT affectionate with me lol !:-)

What do the numbers mean on tennis balls?

no. cats are felines. they are totally different from monkeys

How can a coach see that i'm competitive?

I don't think they are in the same family

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