Hitting forehand groundstrokes in tennis?

Question:how do u hit groundstrokes? i can never make mine go straight or even into the court. they fly out, even over the fence sometimes.
plz help!!
thank you


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keep your racket strings vertical through your swing. this will allow you to keep your shots the right height above the net. when your trying to aim left or right, use your palm on the racket as a guide, face your palm in the direction you want the ball to go and you will find that your shots will start landing in the court more often. Once you get good at hitting the ball in the court, practice swinging your racket from low to high. The start of your swing should be almost close to scraping the ground, and the end of your swing should be about head height. At the end of your swing, just let the momentum carry the racket over your opposite shoulder.

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Your forehand strokes need to be timed just like your practice hand strokes. Visualize your balls striking the field of play and grunt. He or she will (come) during the back motion. You control that racket. Prove it!

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