How do you hit an approach shot in tennis?


Im currently using wilson ncode 95 racquet, im always hitting the frame when i swing at the ball. No clean hit

1. Shorten your back swing
2. Aim not as high above the net.
3. Aim for the deep corners of the court.
4. Avoid topsin, will cause the ball to sit up for easy pass or lob. Flatter stroke or even slice.
5. Make sure you stop when you hit the shot, and stop when you prepare for the volley.
6. Remember this is an approach shot not a winner. Depth and precision are more important than pace.
7. Practice a lot.

What's maria sharapova's tennis raquet??

The energy of your abdomen is help tightly for the moments you wait for the ball to travel to your racket - for a novice player it is a great threat, a fast approaching challenge or a move to knock you down! You hit an approaching shot in tennis forcefully. You deal with it with gusto - with the force release from you guts as you hit the ball and release you breath - like Sharapova, sort of. Then eventually approaching shots will be less of a challenge or a threat, and more of opportunity. Then you can work on you techniques of spin, counter spin and ball placement.

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by fully concentrating on your target ,not thinging anything else and be mentally physically and emotionaly well.

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If you're a decent volleyer, try hitting a lot of your approach shots down the middle. It gives your opponent very little angle to play a passing shot.
It worked for Borg, and he wasn't too bad

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