Anyone knows how to do REAL Prince of Tennis techniques?

If anyone knows how to do the twist serve from Ryoma in Prince of Tennis or any other special techniques,pls tell me or give me links,ty,wanna add spice to my tennis! XD


Anyone here play tennis?

Check here:
I hope it helps...:)

Dampner on the racquet?

Some techniques are possible.The Snake is possible,you need a really good spin.My brother can do a short snake.But a Twist serve might not be possible.And please don't drop your wristbands on the floor like Rikkaidai's dude's.The one with red hair and the one which is bald.You might slip because of this and might get injured.Tightrope walking should be possible a little bit.I tried this once without expecting it.This technique is from the red hair dude from Rikkaidai.

Why is Lawn tennis given more importance compared to Table tennis?

i hope this will help you...

How can i improve my serve in tennis?

Why not log into the official website of the grand slam events to learn more about the technicalities of the game

Can you beileve Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova are dating?

Its all in the way you grip your racquet.

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