Any ideas?

any ideas on how I can improve my tennis game??


How do you become a professional tennis player?

Practice is crucial and also playing against players who are better than you. You will start to adjust to the stronger player and you will see how much your game will improve.

How do you find the suitable racquet string tension?

Practice makes perfect. Keep up on it.

Who was the first Wimbledon Girls Champion?

I'm a varsity tennis player...but now I can't practice it because of hectic schedules...
do you know this quote: Practice makes Perfect! maybe this stuff is what you need to do! pracTice!!

How far, in metres or kilometres does a professional tennis player run in a typical 3 set match?

Find players whom you can rally with but who are better than you. While you will lose most of the time, you will learn from your mistakes and get better!

Why do they vacum seal the tennis balls?

practice and practice and even more practise

Am i the only one who is excites for wimbeldon?

Take a few lessons.

It's raining again in Wimbledon. Why they can't cover the stadium in order to avoid the rain breaks?

Practice, get somebody who have been playing tennis for months and/or years to help you.

I just don't understand how to hit a tennis forehand!!?

Just keep practicing on your own and maybe, if you have the itme and resources, take lessons or be in tournaments.

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