Amalie mauresmo.?

is amalie mauresmo a lesbian or a transexual...or was she a man earlier and then became a women and then turned lesbian..plzzzzzz help....m confused..


Does university of washington (uw) have a tennis team?

What do you mean "was she a man earlier". "She" still is a man.

How one find a tennis partner?

yes, she is openly a lesbian and has a girlfriend right now, that is why she acts so manly, hope this helps

What the highest number of match points that a person has faced (against them) in atennis match and still won?

She's lesbian but I'm pretty sure she always was a female. She definately plays like a girl and not with so much power like a men. (I dont mean that offensively since I am a girl after all...)

Adidas nastase master trainers?

No offense to the Women's Tour, but anyone currently playing on the Men's Tour could easily beat anyone playing on the Women's Tour, and that includes Mauresmo, who even though she's manish, does not play anything like a man.

Who would win John McEnroe or Roger Federer (both in their prime)?

Are you sick....

How many players per high school tennis varsity would be wise?

She is all women . So she came out early, big deal. She is pretty straight up.

How do you boost your confidence when you keep on loosing.?

she is lesbian, she's always been a woman

What tennis racket do you recommend me to get?

Regardless of whether Amelie Mauresmo is a lesbian or transexual, she's still the most decent, well-adjusted, gracious tennis player on the women's pro tour.

Other tennis players, be they male, female, or otherwise, should strive to emulate her most exemplary behavior.

I'm playing tennis and need to know if i should play conservative and win, or play my game and lose for now.

Are you amalie mauresmo!
hahaaaaaaa lol

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