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Question:Q 1. Can anyone explain the scoring system in a game ?
15 - love, meaning 1 , zero
30 40 , meaning 2 , 3
Deuce meaning equality.
How did this quaint system of scoring happen ?

Q2. Why does the server get 'two bites at the cherry' ?
This doesn't happen in table tennis or badminton.


How to create a ranking system for a sport?

Tennis is about consistency. You always have to win by at least 2 points. To win a game, it's going to be by at least 2 points. That's the reason behind deuce. If the score is 40-40, then the winner would have to score the next 2 consecutive points.

I would imagine the double fault when serving works along the same principles - you have to be consistently bad at serving to deserve to lose the point. Also, the game would be a lot slower if it weren't for the 2 chances at serving - the first serve is the strategic weapon, the second serve is most of the time used to just get the ball in as best as you can. Without having 2 serves, people would most likely to be too cautious with their serves, and this removes some of the advantage from the server and makes the game a whole lot slower/duller.

The scoring system is based on the face of a clock, divided up into quarter hours (ie: 15 minutes). This is assumed to be because the score was kept and displayed on 2 clock faces, one for each opponent. When one person scores a point, the hand on his clock moves to the next quarter. Hence the scoring goes 0-15-30-45. The 45 minute mark was then abbreviated to 40, just because it's less of a mouthful to say, so now scoring is 0-15-30-40.

Why are tennis balls numbered?

evn i can't undrstnd it

Tennis in Seattle Area?

Does anyone know where u can get free tennis stuff or free electronics like ipods and stuff?

It is quaint, isn't it?

When will venus williams play another tennis match?

Scoring derived from real, or royal, tennis, which had its origins in medieval cathedral cloisters. The name comes from the French habit of calling out tenez! (take this!) before serving. In real tennis, each exchange was worth 15 points, the score of 40 being an abbreviation for 45. Deuce is a corruption of a deux (meaning two consecutive exchanges needed to win). Love is either a corruption of l'oeuf (an egg) or playing not seriously but for the love of the game.

What would their jobs be, if not tennis ? Have you ever asked yourself this question about the top 10 players?

To put the tennis scoring system as simply as possible, one must win:
four points to win a game
six games to win a set
two (or, more rarely, three) sets to win a match
We'll call the players A and B.
By winning a coin toss or a spin of the racquet, A gets to choose one of the following:

receive serve
choose an end of the court
have B choose
Let's say A chooses to serve. B then gets to choose an end of the court. A may serve from anywhere behind her baseline between the right singles sideline and the center mark. The serve must be struck before the ball bounces, and it must land in the service box diagonally opposite her. She gets two chances to get a serve in. If she misses both, she loses the point. If a serve that is otherwise good nicks the net on its way in, it is redone.
If A gets her serve in, B must return the ball, after exactly one bounce, into any part of A's singles court. A and B must then return the ball, after no more than one bounce, into one another's singles court until one of them misses.

A will serve from the left side of her baseline for the second point of the game, and she will continue to alternate right and left for the start of each point of the game.

Let's say A wins the first point. At the start of the next point, she must announce the score, her point total first: "15 - love." (Love = 0.)

B wins the next point: "15 all."

B wins the next point: "15 - 30."

A wins the next point: "30 all."

A wins the next point: "40 - 30."

If A wins the next point, she wins the game.

If B wins the next point, the score is "40 all," which is called "deuce." At deuce, one player must win the next two points to win the game. If, at deuce, A wins the next point, she has the advantage, and the score is called "ad in," which means server's advantage. If B had won that point, the score would have been "ad out." If the player having the advantage wins the following point, he or she wins that game. If the player with the advantage loses the point, the score returns to deuce.

With traditional scoring, games can go back and forth from deuce to ad over and over. The "No Ad" variation on the scoring within games allows for a game to be won by a margin of one point. Instead of "15," "30," and "40" used to note points, players may use "1," "2," and "3." At "3 all," the receiver may choose whether to receive in the left or right service box. The winner of that point wins the game.

Who will win the single titles at the French Open this year?

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