Am I going to get an award at the awards banquet at school tonight? If so, what will it be?


Tennis Racquets - - - Which has the biggest sweet spot?

It's only logical to guess that it'll be for tennis considering this is categorized under it.

The man with the ball statistics at Wimbledon as shown on TV Why?

Gym class hero. Congratulations.

Where is serena williams now?

Miss Congeniality?

What are some tennis string that offer control and durability and don't cost too much?

It depends on what the award is for and if you did a good job... you may get it

What shoes are more popular air-force one's or Jordans? will get an award for being a champ.

Rafael nadal win more than roger federer?

Is this a tennis question?

What 60-year-old singer announced her retirement before a Zurich audience in 2000?

You'll probably get one of those "most improved" awards that they give to fat kids.

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