Andy roddick stats?

Question:can anyone tell me a bunch of stats of andy roddick like his backhand style and stuff.?

thanks or a website.


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Roddick has a bit of an unusual backhand. It does not flow like some of the other pros. It has gotten better since working with Conner's , not so much that he has changed his stroke, but he has changed the way he moves. He is going towards the ball before it kicks way up. His whole court position and coverage and cutting the court down has gotten better. He has his confidence and Swagger back. He still has a bit of work at the net , I wish he would play some doubles where he is forced to come in all the time. The good news , his forehand and serve are awesome. I look for big things from him starting in Australia . I think he can beat anyone on a fast surface with the exception of Federer ,but can beat Nadal. The French is impossible, if he can win a few rounds at the French it is a good tournament. Us Americans are not used to playing on that red dirt , plus you have to fight the anti-American crowd.

Andy Roddick?

Google his name you get eveything.

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All the stats you can eat:

Even has his career earnings, which currently stands at $10,386,476.

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Google his name you get eveything.


he's got a great forehand-he's super hot. he uses a babolat blue racket. He's 6"2, weighs 190 pounds. he turned pro in year 2000. he plays right handed, with a two handed backhand and his career prize money is $11,486,476.

Roddick was born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in Austin, Texas and Boca Raton, Florida. He resides in Austin. Roddick's father, Jerry, is an investor and his mother, Blanche, directs the Andy Roddick Foundation. Roddick's brother John was an All-American tennis player at the University of Georgia from 1996 to 1998, currently owns and operates the Roddick-Moros International Tennis Academy in San Antonio, Texas, and was Andy's coach following Roddick's split with Dean Goldfine. His oldest brother, Lawrence, a chiropractor in San Antonio, was an accomplished springboard diver and a member of the U.S. Senior National Team.

Roddick turned professional in 2000 at the age of 18.

In 2001, Roddick became the youngest player to end the year in the ATP Top 20. At Wimbledon that year, he showed his potential by taking a set from eventual winner Goran Ivanisevic.

Roddick's breakthrough year was in 2003, and many consider his 2003 Australian Open quarterfinal versus Younes El Aynaoui to be his breakthrough match. Roddick and the Moroccan battled for five hours, with the fifth set being one for the record books. The 21-19 set in favor of Roddick was the longest fifth set in a Grand Slam tournament during the open era. Both players maintained exceptional unforced errors-to-winners ratios and high quality of play even at the closing stages of the match. Despite a lackluster French Open, Roddick enjoyed success in England by winning Queen's Club and reaching the Wimbledon semifinals. And this success carried over the Atlantic to the United States.

on top of alll that he's damn hot

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