Are Tennis Club members still into social climbing?

This kinda middle class poshness really kills youngsters playing the game in this country.Tennis needs a cooler image in this country. Tim Henman is a really bad example to our teenagers as he is such a SQUARE! Whats the answer? Dont know!


Who is a good beginner's tennis coach in San Francisco?

to be honest i don't know what you are on about

Who won the grand grix this weekend?

Hiya, i joined my tennis club when i was 9 and was coached until i was around 18 and also played for county. I love the sport so much but the one thing i hate is all the snobbery and upper class 'ness' that this sport has. The women at my tennis club were just unbelievable and it is so political down there and they all have their little cliques! They really do think that they are at the top of the social ladder and especially becauase they go and have their jolly good ol game of tennis and glass of wine now and then (oh and stab eachother in the back aswell). I have now recently joined back and they are still the same but the club is advertising many more open days etc especially for youngsters but i just dont think that this sport will ever be a non-elitest one because of the amount of money that you have to spend in order to play and have coaching. They may try to make out they are looking for more youngsters but believe you me the way the elders act in the clubs (ive been to many) its enough to put anyone off! Hope that helps slightly, it was a bit of a ramble but from first hand experience!! Tally ho. lol


There is a still a stigma attached to tennis. It is an expensive sport especially at first. If you work hard and get good you will earn plenty of respect even over the loudest mouths, be confident. Do whats good for you , if you leave the group to go run sprints or run five miles you are doing it for yourself. I small thing that I think is key is to buy a stringing machine, you will pay for it with your first 20 broken strings. You can also restring others so you can make some extra cash.
People may wonder what you are doing , but the PRO and the assistants will take notice and start to hit with you and give you extra time. Keep their area clean, they appreciate it. You will have to take some bullshit from others , but who cares , you are the one that wants to improve and get to the next level.

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