What is the best string suitable for the liquidmetal radical?

i am a little more into control than power. I just want a nice and solid hit.


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it really depends on you, i played with this racquet for 3 yrs, i always played with the prince duraflex synthetic gut 16, basically just a standard syn gut string but i was a control player and i did fine with it. However since I have played for a long time, and hit hard with tons of spin I went to a polyester string combo because I wanted more durability.

But yeah just go with a basic cheap sythetic gut

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You are using Head's racquet so you want to use Head's string as well? Head FiberGel is pretty good! You could try ...

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No string is exactly suited to an exact racquet because everybody plays a little differently
Generally, if you want to increase control, you could always increase the tension of your strings a bit
But with strings, its a trial and error test, so you gotta just string your racquet and go find out
Here's a list of some always good choices
Wilson NXT
Wilson Sensation
Babolat Pro Hurricane (Tour or regular, both are good)
Gamma TNT2
Gamma Prodigy
Babolat VS Team (natural gut so really expensive)
Head FXP
Prince Lightning XX/power (economical buy)
Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex (economical buy)
Volkl Power Fiber 2
Tecnifibre NRG2
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code
Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power (nice string but has a sort of "flat dead" feel if you will, aimed at advanced players)
I'm not sure. There are definitely other strings, but I have enjoyed playing with these strings and as for gauge, higher gauge for more durability.
Hope you find the right string

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There is a nice table at the site linked below that explains different string types, I suggest checking it out.

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