Andy Roddick?

When Roddick has his confidence he is hard to beat, with his little by little progression to the top, do u think he could pass nadal and get federer in his reach?


How hard is it to move up to the next level?

I think that Andy will be able to beat Nadal on some of the faster courts (example:Wimbledon, US Open), but he will continue to struggle on the clay. Nadal's strength and movement is just too strong for Andy to beat him on clay and Nadal will continue to be one of the best on hard courts as well.
As for Federer, people now see the consistency and ability that has him being compared to Laver, Lendl, Sampras, etc. Being only 26 years old and if he can continue his dominance, it's hard to think that Roddick, or any one else for that matter, will stand in Federer way.

Juan Carlos Ferrero ! ... will he return into the top 10 ?

it is possible, but he would need to add more of a variety to his game and not be such a 1 dimension player, for example federer has speed and his ability to cope with opponents is unmatched. Roddick would need to simply add some more variety to his game in order for him to even come close to the No.3 or No. 4 Spots.

Too Much Power?

No no chance Federer is to good!

Who has won the most wimbledon tennis titles.?


How do i play tennis?

if he more focus, he can do it.

Roger Federer?

no, all he does is serve big. he has no thought about contructing points and cant volley anywhere near well enough. and federer is soooooooooooo far ahead of him i cant even believe you put them in the same category. rankings: federer 1st, daylight 2nd.

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