Are HEAD racquet's a good brand?

How do they compare to other top brands


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HEAD racquets is a great brand. I have a liquidmetal HEAD racquet and I love using it. But there are other good brands like Babalot, Volkel, Prince, and Wilson.

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yes they are a nice brand,they stack up just fine you won't be disappointed with a head racquet

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Yes, Head is a very good brand. In fact all brands are good, , since all depends on the player, and in his way of play.

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Head is a great of the best, I use a head flexpoint radical.

I would reccomend the following brands: Prince, head, babolat, fischer, dunlop and possibly volkl, maybe power angle.
Stay away from: Prokennex, wilson, w line, avery, gamma, slazenger, technifibre and yonex.they are either sub-standard for hitting with, and wilsons are not only sub-standard but brake easily.

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Yes, I love my Head racquet...I switch out between Wilson, Prince and Head...Its just as good as the others...

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Simply, Yes, YES, YES. Many top players use Head. Other top manufacturers are Wilson, Dunlop, Volkl (my favorite just over Head), Babolat, Prince. They all have a variety of rackets for various skills/power levels. As someone suggested, Tennis Warehouse has good reviews of many leading rackets - decide first where your game is, then what you want from a racket, TW will give "an" answer. At the end of the day - it really isn't the racket!

Good Luck!

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head is not he best but in the top 10 u should get a babolat its the best

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I like them a lot. They are what I use. I use the head flex point radical tour and I play NAIA Tennis. I also see several other players using them. There probably the most popular among collegiate players next to roddicks babolet.

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Head tennis racquets are good, many of the top players in the world play with Head. Try out some, along with other brands to see which one suit your gameplay.

I personally play with the Head i.tour and Head i.prestige....

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My Head tennis racquet is great, it's light and comfortable, it lasts for a long time, it hits the ball GREAT!

Other good brands are: Wilson, Babolat and Prince.

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ya, head is a very good brand, lotz of great players use it. I play with a prince 03... if that doesn't work, try wilson, and yonex

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