"most of the tennis players keep the balls underneath the skirt.Where exactly they are keeping?


So what time will they air roddick playing federer in the masters cup in New York?

they wear spandex tight shorts under their skirts and put them undeer the tiht shorts so they wont fallout

New Racket?

Tennis panties have a pocket sewn to them for this purpose.

What male tennis player won US Open in 1999?

Even Aggasi and Sampres.?

I have played with a Head Ti.S5 Comfort Zone tennis racket for a long time, and recently bought the same exact


Should I buy a new tennis racquet?

are u sick? or are u really asking? they have pockets to keep the ballz in...

What kind of tape would I use to tape my hand?

Either tennis underwear with a special pocket or a ball holder worn along the waistline.

Who's Better Nadal Or Roger...?

I don't know about pros but its probably some shorts. our tennis team wear soffes under our skirts and keep the balls (up to 4 sometimes) in there. surprising thing is, they don't fall out!

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