2007 Grand Slams?

The Grand Slams in 2007 are very interesting. I know it is impossible to predict the injuries and such of players, but assuming none of the top players are injured, who do you predict to be the 2007 grand slam champions?


In highschool tennis singles matches, under what terms (weight, grade, etc.) are players matched up?

Australian Open - Men - Rafael Nadal - Last year Rafa was sidelined with injury from the previous year's tour final in Shanghai. He would've been a favorite to compete in the final. Look for the true bounce the Aussie courts to give Rafa an edge over Federer. Federer's record against Rafa is nowhere near perfect even on hard courts. I predict that Rafa takes the cup in a four or five set grinder.

French Open - Men - Rafael Nadal - Coming off of a strong win in Australia, Rafa will have his hat trick at the French over Federer in the final. I predict Rafa wins it in four sets.

Wimbledon - Men - Roger Federer - Roger is the undisputed king of this surface. Last year he absolutely destroyed a tough draw to defeat Rafa in the final. Rafa was strong on grass last year but don't look forward to yet another Roger v. Rafa final. Look for Rafa to make it to the Quarters. I think that either James Blake, Andy Murray, or even this year's dark horse Andy Roddick to make an appearance in the final against Federer. I predict Federer takes it in 3.

U.S. Open - Men - Roger Federer - You're probably wondering why Andy Roddick's name isn't up there. I'll tell you why. When Andy Roddick won his first and last major since years ago, he was a fresh face on tour. He was strong, in shape, but most importantly he was mentally focused. He wanted to make a splash on tour and he did. But he got caught up in the fame and he lost his fire. After years of inconsistent performance, it is a longshot that he will win or even make it to the final. Rafa's performance on hard courts is improving but still not enough to challenge Federer. I predict Federer will play Nikolay Davydenko in the final and win in an easy 3.

I hope my predictions are accurate and have answered your questions. One final prediction, we will have to wait at least three years before the "Federer Express" gets his Grand Slam.

Who is the greatest tennis player in terms of prize money and championship tournament?

Federer will dominate again wimbeldon, us open, nadal will do well on clay the french open and murray for the aussie tournament.

Serena Williams is the AO winner for 2007?

federer should win 3 out of 4 again.. nadal will likely 3peat for the french.

i think justine henin will do well on the girls side of things if she stays healthy.

i'll take henin for aussie and french, then sharapova and mauresmo to get one each of the other two.

Will Fernando Gonzalez beats Roger Federer?

Federer wins 2
Nadal wons 1
Tursunov breaks trogh and wins 1

Clijsters wins 1
Henin-Hardenne wins 1
Petrova wins 1
Jankovic or Ivanovic wins 1

How to preserve table tennis table?

I am happy to say, that Roger Federer will in fact, complete his first Grand Slam soon to be named the Federer Slam!

Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, And the US Open, watch out as history will be made!

Federer will beat Nadal at the French.

Year of the Federer-Express - Fed-Ex - ( 2007 )

Where can one find a Texas A&M tennis T-shirt?

I'm not much for predictions but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Federer Slam in 2007. And 2008. And nobody (in his right mind or not) will dare to ever again question the absolute fact that Roger Federer is the Greatest of All Time.

What kind of diet?

Us Open - Federer 90%, Roddick 10%
French- Nadal 99.9%
Austrialian- Federer 90% Baghdatis 5% Murray 3% Blake 2%
Wimbledon- Federer 100%

I'm a lefty and I feel that my ground strokes aren't as spiny as other leftys. What can I do to improve?

federer who else

Does "Henmania" still exist in England (Tim Henman winning Wimbledon)?

Australian Open - Roger Federer
French Open - Roger Federer (hopefully)
Wimbledon - Roger Federer
US Open - Roger Federer

Australian Open - Justine Henin-Hardenne
French Open - Justine Henin-Hardenne
Wimbledon - Justine Henin-Hardenne (hopefully)
US Open - Justine Henin-Hardenne


What is a good snack for a tennis match?!?!?

Australian - Federer, Justine Henin.
French - Federer, Venus Williams
Wimbledon - Federer, Maria Sharapova.
U.S.- Federer, Justine Henin.
So are you going to grade this answer next year?

Help with my tennis shots?

Martina Hingis

I know a way to get Nadal's serve?

Australian-Federrer vs. Davydenko ----Federrer is gonna win
French-Federrer vs. Nadal----Nadal is gonna win
Wimbledon-Federrer vs. Roddick---Federrer is gonna win
US Open- Federrer vs Roddick----Federrer is gonna win

Anyone else not agree with equal pay in Grand Slams?


Why can't wimbledon be played with coloured clothing ...if other grand slams played?

nadal @ french open
federer to dominate at other three, although i think David Nalbandian can win one eventually, he has only an 8-6 losing record to federer, and has the game to beat him.

womens i predict a henin-hardenne grand slam.

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