A tip on how to get to champs in tennis tournaments??

if anyone knows what im talking about, i want to get to champs in tennis SO BADLY so i can get a phone but what should you do wen u run into a really good player? and how to keep your chin up wen u loose a set?? those r my biggest problems..


Who still sells discontinued Volkl Quantum 10 Tour tennis racquets?

EAT ALOT OF VITAMIN C pills because you want to be fully contiuous while your player with out ne tiredness or lose of focus it works for me when im also studying for exams and playing tennis. #1 rule in activities or hobbys HAVE FUN!~
LOL your opponent might be Martina Navratilova but her game still has holes so you have to keep open minded and try to hit the weak points of your opponent like there feet or the corners. In Life you always have someone greater then you or eles it wont be ne fun! try having a special good luck charm things around you or rituals i always do extra legs ham string stretches because i feel more refreshed and i feel i can run towards and defend any thing the throw at me!

My serving?

If your game is already there and you're ready physically, then you are having mental tennis issues. I suggest you buy 'The Inner Game of Tennis' by Tim Gallwey.

If you are coming close to winning matches or are losing to inferior players, read this book AND PRACTICE IT. You'll see an almost immediate change (for the better) in your game.

Which are the most four important muscles used in tennis?

well you just got to do your best and not lose your emotions, the more tournements you play the better you get

also practice more than usual to get to champs

right now im in champs and the only way you get into champs is to be consistent, and make sure you dont double falt.

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