Anyone have experience or info on backyard tennis courts?

I am doing some research for my boss, I'm also looking on the web. There is a lot of room but it would have to be leveled. I don't know if there are courts that have platform customized so that the ground does not have to be leveled. What's an average cost for a double court. Can one court be used for basketball, and in line skating? If anyone out there has info or experience I would appreciate your input.


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Tell your boss that constructing a tennis court in his backyard is going to cost anywhere from 30K to 60K depending on the quality of the foundation, the landscape and the expertise of the crew building the court. Muti-sport courts can be put in the same as a tennis court, but the surface will not have the grit and texture of a high quality tennis court. The problem with in-line skating is that most wheels will leave marks on the court that are sometimes difficult to remove without damaging the surface of the tennis court. If the court is being used just for recreational purposes, then by all means go ahead and build a muti-sport court. However if there are any serious tournament level tennis players that will be using the court for training purposes, I would recommend against a muti-sport court. As far as building the court on a platform, I know this can be done...but the costs can be considerable when hiring a good archetect/engineer with a specialized background. Obviously you don't want to hire a cheap construction crew to build a platform that an engineer is going to have to repair after a few years. I would look for private courts in your area and ask the owners if you could have a few minutes to ask them about their experince in the construction of the tennis court.

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