Are tennis racquets from ebay china fake...?


Is Andy Roddick a babe?

Yea man don't trust it.
I had to string someones dodgy looking racket a few weeks ago and the neck of the racket actually pulled apart from the frame (stringing it at 58lbs)!

So spend more money and buy the real thing from proper tennis dealers like:

How do you get to to be a ball ball/girl? Where do you register? (from Australia)?

I couldn't tell you for sure but I know that I wouldn't trust them. Just spend the extra money to get a reliable racquet is a warranty. Make sure you know what racquet you like and maybe even test some out. Good luck if you decide to get one from ebay. I hope it works well for you.

What male tennis player won Wimbledon in 1983?

of course

"love means nothing in tennis"?

it doesn't matter. just don't buy from ebay

Tennis matches schedules for Saturday and their timings ( French Open 2006)?

i really don't think so

Is anyone else bored with the Australian Open this year?

it really depends on the seller, because the seller can have the real item. I suggest you go to a store or

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