Are Brits really going to get better Tennis players?

Question:We seem to be spending a fortune on world famous coaches at the min - part of the LTA's latest way of spending the Wimbledon millions. You can't argue they're all very good coaches.

But do you think that'll make any difference? Doesn't seem to me like we have much of a structure to bring up good juniors (I used to play a lot of junior tennis comps, and a lot of that was badly organised) and not that many people play/have the facilities to play anyway. Despite all this money our facilities stink, and most people don't see tennis as a big part of our sporting year except at Wimbledon.

So are the celeb coaches going to make much difference? Is the money better spent elsewhere?


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Andy this space my Friend!

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no i am

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Nah it's like everything else with this country... we are has beens!!

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I'm not a big fan of tennis but I will watch it occasionally cause I AM a fan of and DO root for USA players when it gets down to the showdown.
If ANY other country intends to have better tennis players, coaching won't make a difference.
I suggest trying to mate with American tennis players.:-)
Seriously though; when it comes down to the money; it's always the trickle down theory, dude, and unfortunately, it never REEEALY gets down to the bottom; in this case, the coaches.
A prestigious few may get paid bigger bucks to coach future and present players and you may get the blessing of having a couple of good players come from that, but like I said;
USA; USA; USA; USA...:-)

Who do u tink is goin 2 win te wimbledon grand slam??

andy murray in 5 years will do the talking englands tennis lies on his shoulders if he suceeds ( id say sucseeding for him right now is semifinals cuz of federer and nadal) dont expect to much out of the kid yet but later on u should i used to love to watch henmen but the guy couldnt win it all.

Will Roger Federer win the French Open before Nadal wins Wimbledon? Whats your opinion?

You guys need facilities badly.

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I think the Brits are on their way to the top. Andy Murray will propably reach top ten next season and there are some great young players following in his foot steps.

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i think it will take some time for a british tennis player to win wimbledon.

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No! We need better competitions between our juniors and seniors (rather than top seniors meeting at County week once a year) A system like the Bundersleague would help the UK.

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