Anyone know where i can find discontinued tennis rackets?

Hey everyone, I am looking for a few discontinued tenns rackets. The Fischer Revolution Pro 98, Head Classic, Head Pro Tour 280, Wilson ProStaff 6.1 classic, and several others. Any of you know where I can find them?


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I have the Head Classic candy apple red colored frame, and the Wilson prostaff 6.1 classic black, yellow,orange colored frame and a few others not on your list. you can email me if you would like more details and other outlets selling frames, I have them in new and used condition. I also am trying to get my best answer rate back over 60% for all questions I have answered.

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I usually search for racquets on Ebay. If you still can't find your you can send an email to This email goes out to all the United States Racquet Stringers Association members. They are usually store owners and have access to older racquets. There are several other tennis site message boards where people can post racquets they want and racquets they want to sell.

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eBay. there are manufacturers who sell discontinued rackets. i bought one once, and it was great quality.

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I have three Wilson Pro Staff 6.1s but I'm not selling.


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