Adidas nastase master trainers?

ive been looking for adidas nastase shoe but its either no size or too expensive. where can i get a pair on the net with the best price of around maybe 100US?


You think India's failure to push players upto d grand slam level deems back to bad tennis infrastructure here

Buy a shoes that is comfortable for you. Your feet will need it.

Does anyone think that i can become a professional tennis player at age 15?

Absolutely you can. Can I make a recommendation , try a pair of K Swiss. I like Nike's , but I go through them to quick. Adidas is solid but as you said they are a bit over priced like Nike is. Buy a top of the line K Swiss tennis shoe. I guarantee you will like it. The one downside and take this into consideration when you are trying them on , they can be a little bit heavy , certain types, you may have to try a few, you will not be disappointed, Surprisingly Wilson puts out a pretty good tennis sneaker also and they are reasonable also. Nike and Adidas are so expensive because they spend so much on advertising and such the shoes themselves are not so much if at all better.

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