Is Marat Safin married and does Rafael Nadal have a girlfriend?


What are the best shoes for tenis, in your opinion??

Nadal has a girlfriend called Xisca Perello.

My daughters are crazy for tennis, they are 5 and 8,I have started taking them to tennis classes everyday?

I don't think Safin is married, and Rafa is too ashamed to reveal his girlfriend, if he has one.

Who did Ana ivanovic beat 6-0, 6-0 during the 2005 season?

i believe they both have girlfriends but neither of them are married..

Plz describe tenis player Stafi Graf & Film star ravina tandon's sense of humour?

no Marat Safin is not married but has a girlfriend and Rafael Nadal has a girlfriend named Xisca Perello who is also from Spain

Who won the dubai duty free tennis open finals in men?

check out marita19 's answer.the site shes given has their photos together.and good question cos even i wanted to no about nadals girlfriend.

Could someone explain me, what is the way the Hopman Cup is played?

no safin is a batchler aaaand of cource nadal had a gal frnd it seems u want to make one of them ur boy frnd

How can she prepare for middle school tennis team?

nadal has a girlfriend and she is hot there were pictures on the news in the states like 4 months ago of them in the ocean in spain. safin i think has a gf.

Who is the best Indian Tennis player?

Marat Safin has a girlfriend and Rafael Nadal has a girlfriend from his country

What is a great Tennis Raquet for a beginning player?

Safin is unmarried. and
Nadal have a girl friend..

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