Are the spaniards the best tennis players on clay?


Why there are no tennis courts in Dubai big parks such as Mamzaar Park, Mushriff Park, Zabeel Parks, etc?

In a manner of speaking, yes. Most of them do start out playing on clay right away. For some reason, they prize the French Open more than any of the other slams and they do see a lot of the Spaniard heroes winning only the French Open so there's the inspiration there. But actually, a few of them like Ferrero did start out playing on hard courts. And more and more of them are starting to learn to play more on other surfaces besides clay.

Where is the best spot to buy tennis raquets in charlotte NC?

currently yes

Do most people wear spandex when playing tennis?

Would appear so. They have the best clay player. They also have tons of pros aka ferrer, ferrero, moya, nadal, and many more that all seem to play pretty well. But, I think Federer owns all of the but Nadal on clay, as he has proven in Hamburg.

Who has the most grand slam title in tennis for men & women? AO, RG, WM, US?

Some of them, but Argentinians too.

Andy hRandync20?

Right now yes because when they train, they start training on clay. Training on clay makes you better on hard court but it is not vice versa as you can see since the American players have trouble on clay and they train on hard.

Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer?

Nadal is the best spaniard on clay, but the others suck. The best players in clay is Nadal, Federer, and maybe Hewitt.

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