About men-doubles.?

Question:Who decides which tennis-player will play in doubles and with who?
Is there any chance that Federer and Nadal play together?
And if so, are they going to become unbeatable (after a while)?


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Tennis Players decides who they will team up with. If their a new team they would not be seeded in tournaments.

Their is a slim chance they would play together since they have a lot of success in singles. They only play doubles as a warm up for singles. They only play 5 or 6 doubles tournaments a year.

Federer and Nadal can be a decent team in doubles. They need to develop chemistry and adjust their games. Nadal needs to improve his volleying and be willing to come to the the net more. Federer needs to get more 1st serves in since it is easier to break serve in doubles. They won't dominate with the Bryan Brothers around. They could win a a couple of titles though.

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the tennis`board`i presume`bet`me&you`could`beat` em`in the mixed`doubles`though alex`after`weve had`50`gin`n`tonics`

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usually in mens doubles the players already have their partners picked out they're not assigned

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