Are the classic KSwiss tennis shoes any good for playing tennis?

If not, what are some good tennis shoes?


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they are among the best, if not the best tennis shoes, i would only buy k swiss, adidas or babolat for my tennis feet.

as for the classic, it all depends on whethter it suites you. if you have a pronation then it would not be a good shoe, but if you don't it would be fine.

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Personally, KSwiss shoes are my favorite of all kind. Ironically, I use them for tennis and I'm playing fine. Comfortable and stylish. xD.

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"Classic" K-Swiss? Nah. The Ultrascendor's are ok though.

Best shoe for me has been the Adidas Barricade II but they are hot and I live in Charleston, SC and summer's coming. I just bought the a3 Prevail yesterday and wore them today - so far so good.

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